PRZ1Port Replicator for Z1
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Mutations in chromatin remodeling component PROPORZ1 (PRZ1)--also known as AtADA2b--which is required for accurate histone acetylation at auxin-controlled loci, are impaired in auxin effects on morphogenesis, suggesting an involvement of PRZl-dependent control of chromatin architecture in the determination of auxin responses (Anzola et al., 2010).
Additionally, the accurate histone acetylation at auxin-controlled loci and the subsequently auxin responsive genes activation by specific histone acetyltransferases like the ELONGATOR and AtGCN5 (Nelissen et al., 2010) and the possible requirement of chromatin remodeling factors like PRZ1 (Anzola et al., 2010), suggest that auxin signaling may also be affected by chromatin structure.