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PS1Play Station 1 (Sony)
PS1Photosystem 1 (photosynthesis)
PS1Public School 1 (West New York School District; New York, NY)
PS1Personal System 1
PS1Personnel Specialist 1st Class (USN Rating)
PS1Port Security Specialist 1st Class (USCG rating)
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Not far behind at PS1,360 was JG Hughes, Blaen Y Coed, Bodffordd, who saw Mr Towers buy his 23m Char steer.
Lead grossing heifers PS1469, PS1,441, PS1,415, PS1,368x2 PS1,341 A & M J Henshaw.
On tree: White lights PS1, bright butterflies PS1 for four, two-pack bright sequin baubles PS1 for two, bright mirror baubles PS1 for three, tree topper PS1, four-pack bright swirl baubles PS1, gold crown decorations PS1 for two, gold poinsettia clips PS1 for four, baubles with sequins PS1 for two, all Poundland.
Steers: 22m Char to PS1,405; 21m Char to PS1,390; 19m Char to PS1,300; 18m Char to PS1,290; 15m Char to PS1,100; 10m Char to PS1,230; 21m Lim to PS1,350; 18m Lim to PS1,295; 17m Lim to PS1,275; 9m Lim to PS880; 22m BB to PS1,285; 20m BB to PS1,135; 23m Nor Red to PS1,170; 23m Hols/Fri to PS1,060; 20m WB x to PS1,140; 18m WB x to PS1,020; 18m Sal to PS910; 12m Sal to PS855.
PRINCIPAL PRICES:-Bullocks Limousin PS1,230 Becks Farm, PS1,200 (x4) Guardsmill, PS1,190 Becks Farm, PS1,155 (x2) Stonehouse, PS1,140 Cowden, PS1,140 (x2), PS1,090 (x5) Nunscleugh, PS1,090 (x4) Newbiggin, PS1,090 Becks Farm, PS1,080 (x4) Nunscleugh, PS1,070, PS1,050 Newbiggin, PS1,045 (x2) Lawston, PS1,040 (x3) Newbiggin, PS1,035 (x3) Nunscleugh, PS1,030 Netherhill, PS1,025 Dodgsonstown, PS1,020 (x4) Nunscleugh, PS1,020 (x2) Newbiggin, PS1,005 (x2) Netherhill, PS1,000 Kilnstown.
97; 780kg Lim cow to PS1,372 (176); 645kg Lim cow to PS1,193 (185); 727kg Lim cow to PS1,272 (175); 1,091kg 10yo Lim bull to PS1,669 (153); 705kg Sim cows to PS1,008 (143); 605kg Sal cow to PS986 (163); OTM cows (10) av 142.
Simmental x steers - PS1,365 Highwood, PS1,045 Hedley West.
12th Wolverhampton Scout Group PS1,000; 2nd Bloxwich Scout Group PS1,000; 30/30 Club PS1,000; 301st Kingshurst Scout Group PS1,000; 3rd Blackheath (St Paul's) Guides PS900; 5 Star Community Association PS1,000; Enlight Projects PS1,000; Action 4 Bullying PS1,000; Al-ansar Project PS1,000; Allens Croft Twilight Support (ACTS) PS1,000; Arts 50 Alive Network PS1,000; Azadi Trust PS1,000; Balsall Heath Local History Society PS750; Bearwood Allotments Association PS929; Beat It Percussion CIC PS990; Bethel Health and Healing Network PS1,000; Birmingham Vernon (Unit 40) of the Sea Cadet Corps PS600; Black Country Housing Group Vantage Point PS916; Black Country Make CIC PS1,000; Brickkiln Dunstall Gateway Club PS1,000; Caldmore Village Festival Group PS1,000; Carers Forward PS625.
00 1 LINROYALE BOY (USA) R Winston (5-4 Fav) 2 Honest Strike (USA) S W Kelly (5-2) 3 Bubbly Braveheart (IRE) Racheal Kneller (33-1) Tote: win PS1.