PS21Public Service for the 21st Century (Singapore)
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Ford EcoSport ST-Line Four door crossover Price: PS21,595 Engine: 1.
As a result Band D properties will be charged PS21 extra annually, while for Band B households, which make up the largest percentage of Greater Manchester homes, the rise will be PS16.
Chairman John Anderson said: "We have no sponsors and no opportunity of finding PS21 let alone PS21,000.
The court heard the alleged amount involved in the fraud was PS21,000.
When asked how much cash is needed to feel financially secure, the average answer was PS21,313.
The PS21,000 limit was due to be increased in line with earnings from 2017, and the change was previously labelled a "disgrace" by Mr Lewis.
Under the current system, students can get governmentbacked loans to cover their tuition and living costs, when they they begin paying back once they are earning over PS21,000.
PS21,000 'IS THE SUM THAT MAKES US FEEL FINANCIALLY SECURE' THE average Briton needs PS21,000 in savings to feel financially secure, a survey has found.
The average Brit believes they should have PS21,000 in savings in order to feel financially secure
A WOMAN stole more than PS21,000 from her employer John Lewis to pay for a trip to New York and gifts for her grandchildren, a court has heard.