PSA1Public Service Agreement (crime reduction initiative; Occupational Health & Safety Information Service; UK)
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The second down-regulated protein, PSA1 (also known as Macropain; -1.40 fold), in addition to its role in protein degradation as a component of the proteosome, is known to mediate the LPS-induced activation of macrophages with consequent transcription of genes that encode proinflammatory regulators of the immune response (Martinez-Solano et al.
subtilis JB 2036 was used as the object of the research, bearing plasmid pSA1 with the gene of metalloproteinase B.
subtilis JB 2036 with plasmid pSA1 was the medium with the following composition (g/l): peptone--17, yeast extract--10, Ca[Cl.sub.2] X 2[H.sub.2]O, 0.1, MgS[O.sub.4] X 7[H.sub.2]O--0.1, NaCl--3, N[H.sub.4]Cl--0.1, MnS[O.sub.4]--0.1, pH of the medium 7.7 [5-7].
2 Band at ~ 360 bp Band at ~ 520 bp UBC 487 Form 1 Band at ~ 360 bp Band at ~ 520 bp Form 2 Band at ~ 270 bp Band at ~ 360 bp Band at ~ 450 bp PSA1 = [[summation].sub.u]S/2u
As can be seen from these data, the total-PSA concentrations measured by the majority of the different assays were fairly equal up to 15% fPSA (minimum-maximum range, 1.2-fold, excluding Chiron PSA1; see inset in Fig.
Subsequent comparison of NYS PT results from almost 250 laboratories showed a clear improvement in interassay variability (all-laboratory CV <10%) with the exception of the original Chiron PSA1 assay.
PSADT = (0.693 x t) / [In (PSA2) - In (PSA1)] Where: "t" is the time (in days) between PSA measurements, "PSA2" is the PSA defining HRPC (third rising PSA), "PSA1" is the next available PSA level