PSAAPPredictive Science Academic Alliance Program
PSAAPPHO (Primary Health Organisation) Service Agreement Amendment Protocol (New Zealand)
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They've also partnered with the Stanford High Temperature Gasdynamics Lab and the Flow Physics and Computational Engineering group to develop a number of new techniques to validate how they build physical models into the PSAAP computer code, Moin added.
PSAAP researchers run their simulations on supercomputers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California and Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, N.
To run their simulations, the PSAAP researchers use an open-source dataset called HyShot 2.
For PSAAP, modeling the unstart phenomenon requires a clear understanding of the physics and then reproducing mathematically the immensely complex interactions that occur at hypersonic speeds, which explains why researchers from various backgrounds are working together on the project.