PSACOProcess Servers Association of Colorado
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The new algorithm as well as the CSS and PSACO needs 4500 analyses to reach a convergence while 3900, 6800, and 8500 analyses are required by the ACO, GA, and PSO.
In order to converge to a solution for the new algorithm, approximately 5,500 frame analyses are required which are less than the 5,600, 6,000, 12,500, and 9,700 analyses necessary for the ACO, PSACO, PSO, and GA, respectively.
Algorithm This work Hybrid CSS [17] PSACO [16] Best weight (kN) 280.32 273.7 279.2 Average weight (kN) 292.36 286.7 290.4 Worst weight (kN) 308.63 297.8 298.5 Std.