PSAIPortable Sanitation Association International (Bloomington, MN; industry promotion and information; est. 1970)
PSAIPolitical Studies Association of Ireland (est. 1982)
PSAIPediatric Services of America Inc
PSAIPre-School Activities Inventory (psychology)
PSAIPaduan Suara Anak Indonesia (Indonesian: Indonesian Children Choir)
PSAIPrinceton Students Against Infanticide (Princeton University; Princeton, NJ)
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'On behalf of my association, which has membership of over 100 schools in the capital, I want to request the Supreme Court and other concerned quarters to take action against PEIRA's illegalities,' the PSAI president said.
The Duisberg cohort children were assessed with the PSAI at 6-8 y of age and Winneke et al.
All participants completed the measures in the same order: BSRI, PSAI, IBC, PSDQ, and demographics.
Secretary Information, Private Schools Association Islamabad (PSAI) Abdul Waheed Khan said that the decision was taken in the interest of students giving SSC examination under FBISE.
Previous studies conducted by our research group established correlations between the IOS parameters and height to correctly diagnose patients as Normal (N), PSAI, and SAI, and Asthmatic (A), and we conducted these calculations using algorithms that we developed in our research lab [14].
Pharmaceutical Services and Active Ingredients (PSAI) - Revenues from PSAI for Q1 FY14 at '5.9 billion, YoY growth of 6%.
The morning of 18th february 2013 witnessed another landmark in the years-long, time-tested entente cordiale between China and Pakistan with the transfer of concession rights of Gwadar Port operations, previously held by Port Singapore Authority International (PSAI), to China Overseas Port Holding Company.
Diger cevaplar: Uluslararasi Stratejik Arastirmalar Kurumu, TUNAECS, ILA, TurkAsya Stratejik Arastirmalar Merkezi, Dogu Akdeniz Universitesi Stratejik Arastirmalar Merkezi, Center for European Perspective-Slovenia, CESS-Harvard, Avusturya Siyasal Bilimler Cemiyeti, Canadian Political Science Association, Korean Political Science Association, PSAI, Turkiye Ekonomi Kurumu, IIAS, AAS, Turk Sosyal Bilimler Dernegi, Avrupa Birligi Dernegi, Turkiye-AB Isbirligi Dernegi, European Peace Research Association, Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism, Mouvement Anti-Utilitariste dans les Sciences Sociales, International Society for Political Psychology, International Association for Conflict Management, International Peace Research Association.
Liverpool Hope University will host the annual meeting of the Political Studies Association of Ireland (PSAI) between October 9 and 11 - the first time the group has held its annual conference outside of Ireland.
Age, years Gleason score Metastases Range 52-73 5-10 Median 61 7 Mean 62 7 SD n (b) 19 13 No metastases Range 59-78 5-9 Median 71 7 Mean 70 7 SD n 19 19 P Welch T-test Wilcoxon PSAc, * [micro]g/L PSAl, [micro]g/L Metastases Range 2-2600 11.6-1700 Median 185 93 Mean 367 283 SD 608 479 n (b) 18 15 No metastases Range 0.02-10 4.8-168.5 Median 0.92 15 Mean 2.02 26.7 SD 3.09 37.3 n 18 19 P Welch T-test 0.02098 0.05751 Wilcoxon 1.02 x [10.sup.-6] 0.00072 ALP, U/L Metastases Range 65-880 Median 178 Mean 310 SD 252 n (b) 18 No metastases Range 48-143 Median 84 Mean 86.5 SD 32.7 n 12 P Welch T-test 0.00164 Wilcoxon 0.00161 (a) PSAc, current PSA; PSAi, initial PSA; ALP, alkaline phosphatase.