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PSALPublic Schools Athletic League (New York City)
PSALPrivate Sector Adjustment Loan
PSALPrivacy, Security and Automation Laboratory (Drexel University; Philadelphia, PA)
PSALPrivate Schools Athletic League
PSALPacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge (Peru)
PSALPublic Sector Adjustment Loan (World Bank; Washington, DC)
PSALProstate Specific Antigen Level
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Shnae teamed with PSAL city champion and ICHA high school meet 17 singles champion Ashley Zhen and slammed in the 17-and-under, while older sister Shkysi slammed in the girls 19-and-under with Christin Chan.
PSAL Co-ordinator Spyros Georgiou said: "We will follow the new procedure step by step.
Age, years Gleason score Metastases Range 52-73 5-10 Median 61 7 Mean 62 7 SD n (b) 19 13 No metastases Range 59-78 5-9 Median 71 7 Mean 70 7 SD n 19 19 P Welch T-test Wilcoxon PSAc, * [micro]g/L PSAl, [micro]g/L Metastases Range 2-2600 11.6-1700 Median 185 93 Mean 367 283 SD 608 479 n (b) 18 15 No metastases Range 0.02-10 4.8-168.5 Median 0.92 15 Mean 2.02 26.7 SD 3.09 37.3 n 18 19 P Welch T-test 0.02098 0.05751 Wilcoxon 1.02 x [10.sup.-6] 0.00072 ALP, U/L Metastases Range 65-880 Median 178 Mean 310 SD 252 n (b) 18 No metastases Range 48-143 Median 84 Mean 86.5 SD 32.7 n 12 P Welch T-test 0.00164 Wilcoxon 0.00161 (a) PSAc, current PSA; PSAi, initial PSA; ALP, alkaline phosphatase.
Patient's appeals "did much mischief in the body," Rogers complained, "and made a sore rent at first from us by some, whose judgements were blinded." (85) Rogers refused to admit the validity of Patient's reasoning and claimed that "all the Scripture is against Re-baptising, as being but the Idol of the Braine, and a brat that must be dashed a-peeces, Psal.137.9." (86) Nevertheless, the dispute split the church and drove Rogers back to England in despair.
Similarly, our results suggest that as acquiring firms get relatively more profitable, the emphasis placed on salary declines and the emphasis placed on bonuses increases relative to target firms (significant at [alpha] < 0.10 in regressions using PSAL and PBON).
Asprilij Pacelli Motectorum et psal [-] / morum qui octonis vocibus conci- / nuntur liber.
Sed ubi est coelum coeli, Domine, de quo audivimus in voce Psalmi: Coelum coeli Domino; terram autem dedit filiis hominum (Psal. CXIII, 16)?
What makes us curious about this once fabulous public servant is how he can even think about funding a billion-dollar stadium while the city's once glorious public school athletic league (PSAL) is being threatened with extinction.
PSAl, a highly cross-linked acrylic ester, provides good environmental stability under pressure.
Manton Minister at Convent Gardin his Text Psal 75:6 for promotion comes