PSAMProbabilistic Safety Assessment and Management (conference)
PSAMPilot Symbol Assisted Modulation
PSAMProgram, Shutter priority, Aperture priority, Manual exposure (cameras)
PSAMPalm Springs Air Museum (Palm Springs, CA)
PSAMPlane Safe Aircraft Maintenance (Waukesha, WI)
PSAMPharmacologically Selective Actuator Module
PSAMPentecostal Sub-Arctic Mission (Canada)
PSAMPoint Source Ambient Monitoring
PSAMPeopleSoft Asset Management
PSAMPurchase Secure Application Module
PSAMProceedings of Symposia in Applied Mathematics
PSAMPrograma Sectorial Agrícola do Mira (Portuguese: Mira Agricultural Sector Program; Mira, Portugal)
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As part of the agreement, PSAM and CdR Capital will be collaborating on joint ventures and building out bespoke client solutions.
PSAM said it believes Vivendi is significantly undervalued due to its excessive cash holdings, inadequate capital return policy and the uncertainty over Vivendi's future use of its capital.
The verb resembles the PSam root *ler(a)- ~ *ner(a)- 'be afraid, be frightened', which can be reconstructed on the basis of NenT lefo-'be frightened, get frightened', lerabta- 'scare, frighten', SlkTa lerimpi-, K larimpi- 'be afraid', Kam nere- 'get frightened', Mat ner- 'frighten' (Janhunen 1977 : 83).
A erradicacao dos "lixoes" faz parte do Plano Guanabara Limpa, que se subdivide em tres iniciativas para a recuperacao ambiental das aguas da Baia de Guanabara: o Psam (Programa de Saneamento dos Municipios do Entorno da Baia de Guanabara), com o objetivo de avancar no saneamento e na recuperacao ambiental das aguas da baia; o Programa Sena Limpa, uma parceria com a CEDAE e a Prefeitura do Rio para despoluir seis das principais praias do Municipio do Rio de Janeiro; e a ampliacao do Sistema Alegria, para a construcao de novos troncos coletores de esgoto e a ampliacao da capacidade da Estacao de Tratamento de Esgoto (ETE) da Alegria.
yald ain tant amora koi psam psitay ald imitricikts dor ald tioforian korim tic.
The camera may lack a PSAM dial, but between all the scene modes, we didn't really feel the need to fiddle with any settings.
Advanced treaty verification techniques: providing assurance on unknown activities, Proceedings of PSAM III, referat z Probability and Safety Assessment Conference, Greece, Crete.
This fund will be managed by P.Schoenfeld Asset Management (PSAM) and will offer exposure to a global event-driven investment strategy.
The Windows operating system is streamlined to optimize performance, hardened for security and enhanced with Portcullis Systems Appliance Management (PSAM) technology.
This is according to Daygan Eagar who runs the health desk of the Public Service Accountability Monitor (PSAM) at Rhodes University, a unique outfit that has built a country-wide reputation for boosting the transparency of its provincial government.
(Calling out) Yald ain tant amora koi psam psitay ald imitrikts dor ald tioforian korim tic.
Among these are the press, the Auditor-General (AG), and the Public Service Accountability Monitor (PSAM), (1) which incorporates the Eastern Cape Public Service Accountability Monitor and the KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) Provincial Internal Audit Unit, and a prominent consulting firm specializing in anticorruption measures, Heath Public Service Consultants.