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However, these PSAs, with a total capacity of over 3,500MW, were not implemented following the SC order which stemmed from allegations that ERC gave preference to Meralco by extending the deadline for compliance of CSP.
"Meralco tried to award the PSAs without bidding under rules of the CSP, which should have required the company to get at least two offers before awarding a PSA," added the Davao-based solon.
Zarate further asked Meralco officials 'to think about the obligations set by Congress in renewing the company's franchise to see if overpricing Meralco rates by P1.55 per kilowatt-hour - as what Meralco tried under the aborted PSAs - conformed with the company's franchise obligation to get in 'the least cost manner' electricity it distributes to its customers.
The CSP rules will become the basis of all PSAs signed on or after June 30, 2015 and were struck down by the SC in its latest ruling.
Whether using a manual or automated applicator, cold-applied PSAs require virtually no added training.
"We sincerely appreciate broadcasters' collaboration in driving awareness of life-saving resources, like our free Helpline at 855-DRUGFREE, and look forward to their continued support in carrying new PSAs we will launch this spring."
The PSAs are a way to educate and reduce stigmatization surrounding breastfeeding, said Emily Gomez, WIC vendor training coordinator and nutrition consultant for the state health department.
Some of the classic PSAs of years past--like Sally Struthers' infamous appeal on behalf of starving children--have tended to overwhelm viewers, notes Susan Credle, chief creative officer, North America at Leo Burnett.
Identification with characters and geographic proximity to them (Park et al., 2007; Petty & Cacioppo, 1979, 1984) improve the personal relevance of the stimuli PSAs. As identification with characters is probably unique to narrative persuasion (Niederdeppe, Shapiro, & Porticella, 2011; Slater & Rouner, 2002), we proposed the following hypothesis:
A novel method for the adequate wetting of PSAs is the formation of PSAs with a lower surface energy than the substrate using their high molecular mobility (5), (6).
PSAS was first documented as a medical disorder in 2001 and the 30-year-old cleaner was diagnosed in 2010 after constantly feeling aroused.