PSAUProfessional School of the Arts Utrecht (Netherlands)
PSAUPengenalan Sistem Akademik Universitas (Indonesian: Introduction Academic University System)
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For example, the ULC focuses on developing organizational and debating skills while the PSAU champions the development of more professional, practical, and research skills.
At PSAU, for example, students can design games for real clients only by combining their expertise as game designers, graphic designers, and programmers.
Interviews with American teachers and students showed that "common ground" is an important prerequisite for stimulating student interaction, but the study of the interaction patterns among students of PSAU showed us that not every student is equally active in a group and that this pattern may change during the year.
Young Japanese farmers are working at the PSAU mulberry farm and monitoring the plant's growth.
This is the first mulberry tea project in the Philippines, according to PSAU president Honorio Soriano.
Under the terms of the MOU the Ministry of Agriculture will be able to use the expertise of PSAU to identify Fijian agricultural products for commercial development and actually assist the private sector in Fiji, to fully develop these for commercial markets in Fiji and overseas.
The visit was facilitated by Dr Ravi Joshi now Visiting Professor at PSAU and a former Consultant at the Ministry of Agriculture, Fiji.