PSAWPersonality Style at Work
PSAWPseudo-Surface Acoustic Wave
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Here are several suggestions for celebrating PSAW in your practice:
Anderson Cancer Center with structure and suggested activities for a PSAW program.
PSAW has been aligned with the organization's mission, vision, and values.
Anderson provides leadership by serving as an internal sponsor of PSAW and chartering the planning committee.
The quality department coordinates PSAW activities based on its expertise of organizational structure and skill at facilitation.
Initial PSAW planning meetings include a review of previous efforts, education on current national patient safety topics, a literature review, and consideration of ideas that have been collected throughout the year.
On the final day of PSAW, the vice chancellor visited with employees who submitted winning entries and toured their work areas with M.D.
During PSAW, patient safety stations were strategically placed at the entrances to the hospital and clinics where staff from all disciplines distributed safety kits and discussed medication safety with patients and families (see Figure 1).
During PSAW, five new patient orientation sessions were held in which patient safety initiatives were discussed and patients were encouraged to be active participants in ensuring that their environment remains safe.
Each year on the final day of PSAW, an institutional grand rounds lunch and lecture is hosted by a leading expert in the field.
But the High Court declared yesterday that the emergency legislation was itself PSawed and violated Article 6 (1) of the European Convention on Human Rights, which protects the right to a fair trial.