PSBDPeripheral Subunit-Binding Domain
PSBDPugsley Sidwell Business Development Ltd. (UK)
PSBDPersonal Services Business Determination (Australia)
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46 Emirati security guards have now been deployed at ADEC schools in Abu Dhabi, all of whom have been trained under PSBD guidelines and are also under the payroll of the security providers.
Analysis of barley chloroplast psbD light-responsive promoter elements in transplastomictobacco.
(prochlorophyte) origin, psbA and psbD genes encoding for the [D.sub.1]
There is evidence that the psbA and psbD genes were acquired by
Three of the polymorphic DraI fragments were found to hybridize to the psbD probe representing an internal fragment of the psbD gene from Spinacia oleracea (Alt et al.
Amin adds to this: "The DPS (Department of Protective Systems) and the PSBD (Private Security Business Department) have introduced new security legislations, wherein the hospitality, financial, banking and retail sectors are required to have efficient surveillance cameras.