PSBIPearl S. Buck International
PSBIPossible Severe Bacterial Infection
PSBIPicture Sub-Bitstream Indicator (telecommunications)
PSBIPrimary Source-Based Instruction (information technology curriculum)
PSBIPrudential Service Bureau, Inc. (Louisville, KY)
PSBIPro-Steel Buildings Incorporated (Tallahassee, FL)
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Various foreign bodies have been reported in penetrating skull base injuries (PSBIs), including wood, bamboo, metallic fragments, and toothbrushes.
Treatment for PSBIs includes the surgical retraction of foreign bodies, prevention of infection, management of vascular injuries, reconstruction of skull base, and so forth [3, 5-7].
A retrospective review was conducted for patients who were treated in our hospital between January 2010 and September 2016 for PSBIs. This study was performed in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki (1964) and approved by the investigational review board of Changzheng Hospital.
While PSBI's first 30 days might have occurred in August, January will see the organization's leaders adding some new initiatives.
Like PSBI, Lutheran World Relief (LWR) will be well into its fiscal year when the calendar turns.
Wells Fargo Insurance's PSBI division provides auto, home, renters, life, health, and umbrella insurance products to consumers as well as property, liability, and other insurance solutions to small businesses.
De igual forma las expectativas del trabajo de los maestros bibliotecarios estan reguladas en las escuelas publicas por una carta circular del (PSBI).
Este estandar corresponde al Programa de Orientacion en la Lectura que se implanta en las bibliotecas escolares integrado al curriculo y responde a los intereses del estudiante" (PSBI, 2010:3).
In order to give explicit comparison, we show the restored images obtained by our PSBI method in Figures 2(i)-2(l), and the selected parameter values are a=1e + 5, [beta] = 1e + 12, and [gamma] = 2.1e + 6, respectively.
In PSBI method, the selected parameters and iterations are [alpha] = 1.1e + 5, [beta] = 1e + 12, [lambda] = 2e + 6, and ite = 46 for Gaussian blur and [alpha] = 1e + 5, [beta] = 1e + 12, - = 2.15e + 6, and ite = 25 for out-of-focus blur, respectively.