PSBMParallels Server Bare Metal (software)
PSBMPrime Spéciale Bovins Mâles (French: special male premium; livestock)
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Additional PSM resources developed in the 2010-2014 timeframe as a result of the November 2009 Product Support Assessment, including the Product Support Business Model (PSBM) tool, are listed in the sidebar on the next page.
* Product Support Business Model (PSBM) tool (
The PSBM is designed to optimize product support by balancing maximum system availability with affordability throughout the weapon system life cycle.
The key tenets of effective and efficient product support are encompassed in the Product Support Business Model (PSBM), which defines the framework, roles, responsibilities, implementation agreements, and strategy preferences for DoD weapon system sustainment.
The foundation of the PSBM is the requirement for a performance-based sustainment strategy.
Finally, industry has initiated an ongoing effort to realign its workforce composition and business strategies through product support and systems engineering professional development activities to emphasize life cycle systems engineering and affordability as a design requirement consistent with the PSBM.