PSCADPower System Computer Aided Design
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According to the cable model in PSCAD, the capacitance is not varying within the range of interesting frequency.
A simulation model with the control system is built using PSCAD based on Figures 2 and 3.
The simulated load DC current waveform, using a PSCAD model, is shown in Figure 6(b).
A conventional system model of a low voltage distribution network integrated with DGs (including distributed photovoltaic and wind power) is established using the power system simulation software PSCAD, as shown in Figure 2.
Li, "Analysis of multiagent-based adaptive droop-controlled AC microgrids with PSCAD: modeling and simulation," Journal of Power Electronics, Vol.
To verify the proposed strategy, a comprehensive simulation study was performed in PSCAD simulation tool.
The simulation of the proposed ILBC integrated power conditioner system is carried out in PSCAD for a 208-V, 60-Hz system, where 208 V is 1 p.u.
In order to compare the previous and the proposed PWM in a quantitatively way, a comprehensive simulation study was performed in PSCAD.
In this paper, a UPFC control system that includes both the shunt converter and the series converter has been simulated in PSCAD environment.