PSCBCPublic Service Coordinating Bargaining Council (New Zealand)
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He and his team of four (Denosa has given SAMA four of its five seats on the PSCBC, since it won an OSD settlement for nurses last year) were on 26 May busily caucusing with other public sector unions to craft a joint proposal.
Lukhele explained: 'Right now the approach is to try and manage the process before we even present at the PSCBC'.
Cape Town specialist and SAMA's Western Cape Chairperson, Mark Sonderup, who has been involved in salary negotiations with government for several years, said doctors put the MSLA on the PSCBC agenda 'years ago'.
Appeals to the ANC's Health Desk, other health care unions and even Cosatu resulted in shoulder shrugs and fingers pointed down-river to SAMA and the PSCBC. Finally, they gave up paddling and submitted to the current.