PSCFPotential Source Contribution Function
PSCFPerspectives on Science and Christian Faith (publication of the American Scientific Affiliation)
PSCFPennsylvania State Chess Federation (Pittsburgh, PA)
PSCFPilot-Scale Combustion Facility (Worcester, MA)
PSCFPersonnel Security Clearance File
PSCFPolymer Self-Consistent Field Theory
PSCFProcedure Specific Consent Form (medical procedures)
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(22) In his book, Technopoly, Postman argues that "embedded in every tool is an ideological bias, a predisposition to construct the world as one thing rather than another, to value one thing over another, to amplify one sense or skill or attitude more loudly than another." (23) A recent book titled Weapons of Math Destruction (previously reviewed in PSCF) makes the case that even our mathematical algorithms are not neutral.
While the PSCF and Public Accounts Committee (PAC) - headed by another Congress leader K.V.
Mathematically, the PSCF is a function of location as defined by the cell indices i and j while the number of segments with endpoints that fall in the ij th cell is denoted by [n.sub.jj].
PSCF allows users to generate uniformly distributed or normally distributed numbers that can then be used to "shock" macroeconomic components, including interest rates, inflation, and economic growth.
2.2.2 The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance (PSCF) had expressed concern on biometrics, stating that collection of biometric information and linking it with personal information is not within the ambit of the Citizenship Act 1955 and Citizenship Rules 2003, and hence "needs to be examined in detail by Parliament".
The PSCF is an independent non-political organization working for the betterment of relations between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
(1) Luke Jeffrey Janssen, "'Fallen' and 'Broken' Reinterpreted in the Light of Evolution Theory," (PSCF 70, no.
Thereby he seems to ignore the books and articles in PSCF published in the 80s.
As a member of the Atheist Society of Denver, I would like to comment on Walter Bradley's article, "The Fine Tuning of the Universe: Evidence for the Existence of God?" (PSCF 70, no.
Perhaps some reader(s) of PSCF can articulate such a theory.