PSCMProcurement Supply Chain Management
PSCMPublic Service Communications Manual
PSCMPower Steering Control Module (automotive)
PSCMPhysical Sciences and Mathematics (various schools)
PSCMPublic Service Commission of Maryland
PSCMPale Sun Crescent Moon (Cowboy Junkies album)
PSCMPurchasing & Supply Chain Management
PSCMProduct Structure Configuration Management
PSCMMaster Chief Personnel Specialist
PSCMMaster Chief Port Security Specialist (USCG rating)
PSCMPennsylvania Society for Communications Managers
PSCMParametric Software Cost Model
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In total, Ackman, Botta, members of the PSCM investment team, other PSCM employees, members of the PSCM advisory board and their affiliates (together, the PSCM Affiliates) would own an estimated 44.5m public shares or 20.0% of the company on a fully diluted basis.
FIGURE 3 Simplified procurement talent assessment Competency assessment Name Function/role PSCM "Soft" Results skills BR Procurement manager Med Lo-Med Lo PB Category manager Med Lo Med FP Category manager Hi Hi Hi GS Category manager Lo Lo Med RS Category manager Hi Hi Hi BD CAPEX procurement Hi Lo Lo MI CAPEX procurement Hi Med Med TC Buyer Lo Hi Lo DF Buyer Lo Lo Lo LH Buyer Med Med Med BS Projects Lo Lo Lo DS Supplier development manager Med Lo Lo AMcC Supplier development Lo Hi Hi Name Aggregate Comments assignment BR Lo-Med Support and develop management capability PB Lo Develop personal effectiveness FP Hi Groom for succession planning GS Lo Align; replace quickly if no early improvement RS Hi High potential BD Lo Out MI Med Develop TC Lo-Med Train properly DF Lo Replace?
La conductividad registro su maximo valor en el mes de octubre (75.10 pScm"1) y el menor valor en el mes de enero (2.80 [micron]S [cm.sup.-1]).
The Air Force Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (PSCM) project was initiated in February 2001 and progressed to its current design in April 2004.
million; PSCM; $90.9 million; GHCS: $50 million; INCLR; $94
(2006) suggested using the Pain Stages of Change Model (PSCM) to evaluate a client's willingness to adopt a self-management program.
However, the architectural neutrality of HLSR results in the lack of explicit support for widely used unified theories of cognition (for example, the PSCM of Soar, and ACT-R).
Back row, from left, LT Richardson, SKC Fritts, LT McNulty, ENS Castleberry, PCC Beando, SKCS Robles, AOC Bray, SKCS McMaster, CSC Hollis, ENS Olabode, CSCS Delacruz, SKCS Robinson, SKC Palania, SKC Albino, and PSCM Ronque.
At the monthly membership meeting in August, the guest speaker was Joe Howard of WR-ALC/LE, who discussed the Communication-Electronics Commodity Council as related to purchasing supply chain management (PSCM).
Within Air Force Materiel Command, we are currently redesigning our weapon system sustainment processes to adopt purchasing and supply chain management (PSCM) techniques that will move us to a strategic, proactive method of operations.