PSDDPlanetary Science Data Dictionary
PSDDProcess Space Development Domain (Linux)
PSDDProblem Solving Deficit Disorder (psychology)
PSDDPreliminary System Design Description
PSDDPreliminary System Description Document
PSDDPreliminary Software Design Document
PSDDPlatform Starboard Door Dogged
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Since there is not yet an overarching joint commission or a regularized meeting between foreign ministers, periodic-based evaluation in the US-Vietnam comprehensive partnership is still conducted principally via the various dialogues such as the PSDD or the Defense Policy Dialogue (DPD).
* Les lignes disponibles au niveau du Groupe, etaient de 783 millions [euro] au 31 mars 2004 (constituees de 420 millions de billets de tresorerie el pour 363 millions [euro] de la tranche B de l'emprunt subordonne (PSDD)), par rapport a un credit relais de 600 millions [euro] au 31 mars 2003;