PSDLProcessed Scene Description Language
PSDLPersistent State Definition Language
PSDLPublic Safety Data Laboratory (Mississippi State University)
PSDLPrototype System Description Language (computer science)
PSDLPrimary Standard Dosimetry Laboratory
PSDLPediatric Storage Disorders Laboratory (UK)
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Part of the Reformation Programs of the BuCor, an agency under the Department of Justice (DOJ), is to facilitate training and education for the PsDL. One of these is the implementation of the Alternative Learning System (ALS) program that caters to PsDL who cannot read nor write or those who would like to continue their studies while serving their sentences.
There were 43 PsDL who passed the A&E Elementary level with a passing rate of 91.4 percent, and 96 inmates who passed the A&E JHS test with 98.
DepEd, Ambat explained, has been undertaking various efforts to "expand and strengthen" its non-formal education program which covers the PsDL - among others.
Stella May Lat explained that PsDL who are under the Reformation Program of BuCor - such as those who take the ALS - are entitled to additional Good Conduct Time Allowance (GCTA).
PSDL previously provided bomb-proof doors and windows for UN buildings around the world and the Canadian embassy in Jakarta.
-- Tool support for the transformation of PSDL prototypes is discussed in Berzins et al.
Dela Rosa added that "in order to completely halt this corrupt practice and totally eradicate PsDL's illegal transactions through communication devices, the entry of communication devices/gadgets by all BuCor officials and employees inside the prison compound is hereby prohibited."