PSDQPhysical Self Description Questionnaire
PSDQParenting Styles and Dimensions Questionnaire
PSDQPublic Sector Development Queensland (Industry Training Advisory Body; Australia)
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All participants completed the measures in the same order: BSRI, PSAI, IBC, PSDQ, and demographics.
Two examples of such self-report questionnaires that school age children can complete are the Physical Self-Description Questionnaire (PSDQ) (Marsh, Richards, Johnson, Roche, & Tremayne, 1994) and the Self-Perception Profile for Children (SPPC) (Harter, 1985a).
In support of the current study, Caruso and Gill (1992) did not find differences between the weight training, the aerobic exercise, or control group on self-perceptions of body attractiveness using the PSPR Also, Simmons and Childers (2013) found no significant differences on the appearance subscale of the PSDQ between the athlete, intramural, and the nonphysically active groups.
O PSDQ foi elogiado num artigo de revisao de instrumentos de avaliacao de praticas parentais (Locke & Prinz, 2002), sendo considerado uma das poucas medidas na area com boas caracteristicas psicometricas, nomeadamente, bons niveis de consistencia interna.
The 8-item Global Esteem subscale from the PSDQ (Marsh et al., 1994) assesses overall positive feelings about oneself and perceptions of self-worth.
The reliability and validity of PSDQ for a Turkish population.
The major objective of this phase was to obtain Urdu version of (PSDQ) Short Version that is conceptually equivalent in the targeted Urdu language.
The Physical Self-Description Questionnaire (PSDQ; Marsh, Richards, Johnson, Roche, & Tremayne, 19944): The PSDQ was used to assess the physical self-concept of adolescents.
En tercer lugar, mereceria la pena tener en cuenta tambien las aportaciones del Physical Self Description Questionnaire (PSDQ), cuestionario que, aunque no destaca precisamente por su parsimonia (nueve componentes), ofrece buenos indices psicometricos en la edad adulta.
* the PSDQ (Robinson et al, 2001) to assess the families' parenting styles;
The Physical Self-Description Questionnaire (PSDQ, Marsh, Richards, Johnson, Roche, & Tremayne, 1994) was used to assess physical self-concept.