PSDRPersonnel Services Delivery Redesign
PSDRParty of Social Democracy in Romania
PSDRPublic Sector Debt Repayment (UK)
PSDRProperty Set Definition Requirements (standards)
PSDRPreliminary System Design Review
PSDRPublic Safety and Disaster Relief
PSDRPressurized Single Disk Refiner (bamboo filters)
PSDRPortable Shine-Dalgarno Region (genetics)
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PSDR adopted the Russian policy line, the union of Bessarabia, Bukovina, Transylvania being condemned as "actions of conquering" of Romania, as the Russian directives were mentioning, whose messenger was doctor Cristain Rakowski.
Whereas, the data shows that Iesco, Pesco, Sepco and Hesco have provided 100% percent connections within the time frame as prescribed in PSDR 2005.
In addition, the regulator also observed that distribution companies were not following the order of loadshedding according to different categories of consumers as provided in PSDR 2005.
As a result of the higher PSDR applied to as-spun sample I, the tensile strength of precursor I increased to 1.03 GPa with a measured tensile modulus of 18.7 GPa.
Through PSDR, the HR community has transformed to support the modular, brigade-centric Army and the sustainment community.
PSDr *oC-ay [greater than] *oC-e [greater than] *eC-e [greater than] Kota eC (e.g., *kotay [greater than] Ta.
Notation: T basic rate of income tax (percentage points) PSBR Public Sector Borrowing Requirement ([pounds]bn) PSDR Public Sector Debt to nominal GDP ratio [dagger] indicates target values
Public sector finances moved into substantial surplus during the years of rapid growth between 1985 and 1988: the PSBR (public sector borrowing requirement) of about 3 per cent of GDP in 1984/85 swung to a PSDR (debt repayment) of about the same size by 1988/89.
The provisional outturn for the public sector debt repayment (PSDR) was 0.4 pounds billion in FY 1990/91 (ending in March), rather than the 6.9 pounds billion foreseen in the March 1990 budget.
In December 1918, PSDR transformed into the Romanian Socialist Party.
Another social-democratic party emerging as an important actor in 1992 was the Romanian Social-Democratic Party (PSDR), the successor of the inter-war, historical, social-democrats.
However, it was not until 2003 that the adjutant general community offered Personnel Services Delivery Redesign (PSDR) as a solution to support the human resources (HR) area of the Army's transformation effort.