PSDSPorsche Sport Driving School (Porsche Cars North America, Inc.)
PSDSProduct Safety Data Sheet
PSDSPlanetary Science Decadal Survey (US NASA)
PSDSProgram for the Study of Developed Shorelines (Western Carolina University)
PSDSPublic Switched Digital Service
PSDSPackaging Specification Data Sheet
PSDSPostal Source Data System
PSDSPost Series Depression Syndrome
PSDSProduct Standards Data System
PSDSPublic Switched Data Service
PSDSProject Supervisor for the Design Stage (civil engineering)
PSDSPower Sensor Detail Screen (Agilent)
PSDSProgram Support Data Sheet
PSDSPermanently Separated from Duty Station
PSDSPlatform Starboard Deck Switch
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We elected to use the multisubstrate SPOT array approach because like isolated PSDs, we can explore CaMKII phosphorylation of diverse substrates simultaneously in a diffusion-restricted environment; however, unlike the PSD, the SPOT arrays avoid the intrinsic complexity produced by endogenous CaMKII, scaffolding, and regulatory proteins, factors that can be envisioned to influence our enzymatic analysis of substrate specificity.
Various pore characterization techniques have been applied to quantify the pore structures from total porosity, pore volume, pore size distribution (PSD), SSA, and so on [2, 9-15].
Based on the different PSDs before and after crushing, some scholars put forward series of quantitative indexes to represent the degree of particle crushing.
The EEG power spectral density (PSD) in alpha (8-13 Hz) band was reported to be significantly correlated with the level of valence [19].
They investigated these practical devices in examination of heart, abdomen, urogenital system, dyspnea etiology, and also FAST examination in ED and found that PSDs could visualize all these systems as good as standard ultrasound machines with acceptable intra-/interoperator reproducibility [14, 16].
To review the PNPS, the "cluster" created brought together people primarily from the Ministry of Health--MoH (the managing and contracting organization in this process), the Pan-American Health Organization (PHO) (articulator, advisor and facilitator), and the Brazilian Group Health Association (Abrasco), with its Working Group to Promote Sustainable Healthcare and Development (PSDS) (the coordinating, inducing, mobilizing, advisory and unifying force).
Managed by certified instructors, PSDS combines the theory of handling a powerful sports car, with the practice of driving in a controlled environment.
3(b) and 3(c) show the power spectral density (PSD) plots of the companding noise, D = T (x) - x, and those of the companded signal, respectively.
pseudotemporalis superficialis (Psd s) (Figure 2) is multipinulated and trilobed in shape (three oval portions in each component).
The broadening imparted to diffraction line profiles from the early gas-flow proportional PSDs was due to defocusing originating from both the equatorial width of the PSD window and parallax within the gasfilled counting chamber.