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PSECPuget Sound Engineering Council (Washington)
PSECProvably Secure Elliptic Curve (public key encryption)
PSECPublic Safety Enterprise Communication (California)
PSECPurdue Student Education Council (Indiana)
PSECPlastic Surgery Education Campaign (American Society of Plastic Surgeons)
PSECProcess Systems Engineering Consortium (various universities)
PSECPressure Switch End Cap (TacStar)
PSECProfessional Staff Executive Committee (Columbia University)
PSECPower System Education Committee (IEEE Power Engineering Society)
PSECPublic Services Executive Committee (Cornell University)
PSECPolling Station Electoral Commission (Russian Federation)
PSECPlease See Embedded Comments (email)
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In this section, we use the PSEC and PPSEC to design miniaturized rectangular patch antennas with efficient broadside radiation.
"PSEC gave a global view on all aspects of my profession, which helped me a lot in decision making and navigating my career progression successfully," says Hassan Al-Naimi, senior engineer, Qatar Petroleum.
PSEC'S high fixed cost will likely continue to restrict rate setting flexibility over the near term.
NIMPA's ownership interest in PSEC, a 1,600 MW coal-fired station, is the agency's sole generating resource.
HIGH DEBT AND LEVERAGE: The debt burden for each of the member cities related to NIMPA's ownership in PSEC is relatively high.
UES Inc.'s IBIS Photoconductive Semiconductor Switch (PCSS) is the first ultra-fast PCSS to offer unprecedented operating voltage (to 100 kV) and current (at 1 kA) handling with sub-nanosecond (6 to 800 psec) rise times for laser triggered switching.
(NASDAQ: PSEC) said that it recently served as sole agent and provider of floating-rate senior-secured financing to support the recapitalization of Traeger Pellet Grills LLC by investment funds managed by Trilantic Capital Partners.
FIGURE 7 (a close-up of the left side of Figure 6) illustrates a delay of 269 psec for a differential pair section.
The filter features absorption up to 65 GHz, increasing attenuation up to 100 GHz, group delay variation <7 psec up to 65 GHz, and linear phase deviation of <8[degrees] up to 43 GHz.
The bonds are secured by MJMEUC's Prairie State Energy Campus (PSEC) project net revenues, which are principally derived from (i) six unit power purchasers (UPPs), pursuant to take-or-pay unit power purchase agreements (UPPAs), and (ii) the 35 members of the Missouri Public Energy Pool #1 (MoPEP 1, rated A/Stable) under all-requirements pool power purchase agreements (PPPAs).