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PSECUPennsylvania State Employee's Credit Union
PSECUParma School Employees Credit Union
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PSECU maintains call centers at three sites across the state: Harrisburg, State College and Indiana.
"For some teenagers, this is the first time they've had any income and, therefore, the first time they've had the freedom to choose what to do with their money," says Sara Weiser, a CUNA Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor at PSECU. "Many get excited and spend it all on 'fun' things, like going out with friends or buying video games, phones, and so on rather than starting to set money aside in savings for long-term expenses, such as a car or college." Talking to your teen about managing their money may seem intimidating, but teaching them the importance of long term and short term could save them from overspending.
The undercover investigators gave Burley an account that was created by police and PSECU officials.
According to the company, the agreement will enable PSECU members to manage their finances through Firethorn's mobile banking service, as well as the PSECU-branded iPhone application.
PSECU Battles Phishing, Pharming and Online Fraud with Cyota's FraudAction Service (2005, June 13).
"From a business perspective, this model helps PSECU, too, since by offering money-saving value, we're able to both retain existing members and attract new ones," Roland said.
metro area and at United's Chicago headquarters," according to PSECU spokesman David Misner.
Muniz joined PSECU in 2004 as a public relations manager.
The companies said the new IBM and Avaya services intelligently route clients of PSECU to the agent PSECU decides is best suited to handle the call, regardless of how customers contact the credit union.
PSECU declined to specify why those specific products were chosen to be rewarded this year, but noted annual rewards are never a guarantee and are based on the performance of the credit union.
Margaret Delmonico, director of public relations for the $2.3 billion, Harrisburg, Penn.-based PSECU, received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the group Eye Candy Family at the 2015 Women's Conference on Oct.