PSEMAPublic Sector Employment and Management Act (Australia)
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Speaking on behalf of the Medical Association of Namibia, Dr David Weber said, "There is still confusion in the private medical industry concerning the PSEMAS private hospital benefit, and clear protocols for payment and verification have yet to be put in place.
Dr Weber's advice to PSEMAS members is not to cancel supplementary private hospital gap plans until full insight is gained into the upgraded PSEMAS system.
The most important consideration for PSEMAS members is to ensure that their hospitalisation is covered at 100% of the actual cost.
By law all private medical aid funds are affiliated to NAMAF excluding PSEMAS. Medical Aids Funds are regulated by NAMFISA.
The Health Minister emphasized the fact that only 5% of the population are members of private medical aid funds, a further 10% are members of the Public Service Employee Medical Aid Scheme (PSEMAS), leaving the remaining 85% of the Namibian population dependent on the al ready overstretched public healthcare system "We need to be asking three important questions about our health care financing systems in Namibia: how do we raise sufficient funds for health services?
The closed funds include NAMDEB Medical Scheme, NAPO TEL Medical Aid Fund, Bankmed Medical Aid Scheme, Roads Contractor Company Medical Aid Fund, Woermann & Brock Medical Aid Fund and Public Service Employee Medical Aid Scheme (PSEMAS) which is the largest.