PSENProgram Store Enable (Intel 8051 Microcontroller)
PSENPupils with Special Educational Needs
PSENPenn State Entrepreneurs Network
PSENPomperaug Sports Entertainment Network
PSENPublic Safety Education Network
PSENPsychiatric State Enrolled Nurse
PSENPrivate School Employment Network
PSENPotomac Sports and Entertainment Network
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The acquisition of Psen 1 is CapMan Nordic Real Estate II's ninth acquisition following closing of the EUR 425 million fund established in August last year.
Interestingly, previous studies reported that SORL1 is a substrate for PSEN 1 and 2 [27, 37].
Similarly, mutations in PSEN 1 (n.2 and n.4) and PSEN 2 (n.3) genes did not influence SORL1 expression other than the appearance of AD features after five weeks of culture.
Ferton (1896) described a sphecid wasp, Psen (Miscophus) bonifaciensis that parasitized Zodarion elegans and Z.
Genetic testing for mutations in the APP, PSEN1, and PSEN 2 genes currently is commercially available (Bird, 2003).
Designed to keep industrial devices secure and under control, the PSEN 2.2 safety switch has a cylindrical design, which provides a long switching distance of 8 mm.
palimpsest Greek palimpseston, from neuter of palimpsestos scraped again, from palinagain + -psestos, verbal adjective of psen to rub, scrape
Psen = F(X) [Y.sub.b] - [Y.sub.p] (1-[G.sub.p])/[Y.sub.b]
PSEN Pagiriu sen., Juodiliu sen., Rudaminos sen., Marijampolio sen., Nemeio sen., Rukainiu sen., Medininku sen., atrininku sen., Kalveliu sen., Mickunu sen., Lavorikiu sen., Buivydiu sen.
The discovery of early-onset mutations in the PSEN genes aids in development of PSEN1 and PSEN2 transgenic mouse models.
?-secretase activity is confined to a complex consisting of presenilin (PSEN), nicastrin (NCT), APH-1 and PEN-2.