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PSFRPostal Service Financial Report
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PSFR % of total annual revenue Using 5-point scale from generated by the firm's 0-19% (1), 20-39%, 40-59%, franchising business 60-79%, 80-100% (5).
Summary of Results Variable Coefficient t-ratio Prob |t| > x Constant -29.82518 -1.028 0.30418 SIZF -7.591281 -2.459 0.01393(**) YRCO 0.2694773 0.842 0.40001 NRCT 0.5629821 1.753 0.07962(*) NRUN 0.5899420 2.351 0.01874(**) NUMU -1.506319 -2.344 0.01905(**) CULT 0.2249635 1.107 0.26848 DIST 0.2311607E-03 1.259 0.20818 UKUN 0.8560355E-01 2.559 0.01050(**) PSFR -0.4004493 -0.398 0.69088 PFOV 7.000541 2.526 0.01155(**) GDP 0.1088126E-03 1.619 0.10542(#) WINT 10.95086 1.991 0.04645(**)
These are firm experience, measured in terms of the length of time the franchisor has serviced a particular foreign market, YRCO; the proportion of total annual revenue generated by the firm's franchising activities, PSFR; the psychic distance between the UK and host markets, CULT (despite employing a dichotomous variable to capture the greatest variance); the geographical distance of host markets from the UK, DIST; and market affluence in terms of GDP per capita, GDP (although a t-test almost rejected the null for this variable at a 90 per cent significance level).
In accordance with the international UNHCR PSFR strategy, PSFR Italy unit is responsible for
In order to maximize the impact of IG and LG fundraising campaigns, in the last years PSFR Italy
PSFR Italy is looking for external suppliers able to provide the following services during a 2 years period
Carries out transactions in VISION pertaining to grants for PSFR such as registering grant allotments and tracking expiring
In order to maximize the impact of IG and LG fundraising campaigns in Italy, PSFR is looking for an external agency that sustains the media communication activities identifying possible opportunities for media coverage, TV entertainment programme and visibility opportunities.
PSFR is now seeking the services of a global multi-language donation platform provider