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PSFSPhiladelphia Science Fiction Society
PSFSPatient Specific Functional Scale (musculoskeletal disorders)
PSFSParallel Serial Full Scan
PSFSProject Sister Family Services (Pomona, CA)
PSFSProgram-Structure Stochastic False Sharing
PSFSPhiladelphia Savings Funds Society
PSFSProcess Safety Flow Scheme (engineering)
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in PSFs? Maybe they simply miss the potential conflict because they are
The influence of high [T.sub.g] PSF and PES on the toughness of laminated structural epoxy composites has similarly been reported in several articles.
Ligtvoet is referring to the Profitable Sanitation Facility (PSF) project, a collaborative effort of the regional DOST office and the HELP (Hydrology for the Environment, Life and Policy)-Davao Network, composed of volunteer organizations and individuals based in Davao City.
The four activities identified by the participant for the PSFS were running, walking or standing on her feet all day without compression tights, high intensity training at 'boot camp', and sitting for long periods.
Trends showed strong PSF legacy effects, lessening that ash regeneration will thrive after the adults in a stand attacked by EAB.
In giving some results, two scenarios are taken into account: images degraded by convolution with a Point Spread Function (PSF) and additive noise and images resulted from incomplete measurements.
5 (c)-(l) denote the result acquired by DWT-based method (DWT), Laplacian Pyramid method (LP), Steerable Pyramid method (SP), Ratio Pyramid method (RP), Point Spread Functions method(PSFs), Contrast Pyramid method (CP) Guided filtering method(GF), SRCNN method, CNN method and the proposed method, respectively.
If it only creates an unsafe environment or unsafe condition, then it is identified as one of the PSFs.
However, the idea of recovering the inherent spatial resolution of CT images using the knowledge of the system blurring PSF and its deconvolution can be practical in that it does not require any additional hardware modification.
The phase space factors (PSFs) in the neutrino producing processes of single [[beta].sup.[+ or -].sub.[beta][beta]] decay, and bound electron- capture, require accurate electron and positron wave functions obtained by modeling the solution of the Dirac equation with realistic nuclear potential.