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PSFWPalm Springs Fashion Week (trade show; California)
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And then, perhaps, one could sit back and say that now that the seasonal parade started off by Fashion Pakistan Week, followed up by PSFW and then, Showcase has culminated, fashion show season is over.
After the recent success at PSFW 2018, Hira is all set to take the stage with her debut bridal collection Snaptrapped' on the ramp at the upcoming PFDC L'Oreal Bridal Week 2018.
In summary, the PSFW outperforms the other algorithms in terms of stability and convergence speed and is an efficacious algorithm for optimization problems whose optimums are at origin or are shifted.
For other strategies of PS-FW, the different strategies have their own advantages for various test functions, the PSFW with Strategy-1 performs well for functions [f.sub.1], [f.sub.3], [f.sub.6], [f.sub.9], and fig, and the good solutions can be obtained by PSFW over functions [f.sub.7], [f.sub.16] under Strategy-2 and Strategy-3.
On the 3rd Day of PSFW, renowned Pakistani hair designer Nabila opened the show by revealing the latest Hair Trends of the season in the Sunsilk Hair Show where she showcased creativity and revealed the trendiest looks of the year.
A three or worse, four day long omnibus can be draining except that it wasn't quite as much this time around at PSFW. Perhaps the energy in the air was simply derived from the fashion highs that featured on the runway throughout fashion week.
Moving on to the evening's events, two fashion favorites began and ended the third of day of PSFW Khadijah Shah and HSY respectively.
Three days ago, PSFW had pirouetted to a lilting start with the old-world tunes of Zara Shahjahan's Eastern apparel and it wrapped up with HSY's cardinal parade.
'Which show will you be attending?' the red carpet buzzed on the first night of the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week (PSFW).
In fact, the PSFW montage, overall, boasts some very intriguing names.
However, the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week (PSFW) never really has been boring.
Casting an eye upon the 20th consecutive PSFW - taking place from the April 11 to April 13 this year - here's a look at what's coming up...