PSGSPerot Systems Government Services
PSGSPitch-Synchronous Granular Synthesis (sound technique)
PSGSPhilippine Society of General Surgeons, Inc
PSGSParallel Synchronous Grammar System (communication)
PSGSPartial Secondarily Generalized Seizures
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She noted they should continue to fast-track the creation of the PSG to ensure more students or trainees will be able to apply for the said positions.
However, the first core question of the Mayo Sleep Questionnaire (MSQ) [4] which was validated by PSG had acceptable sensitivity and specificity of 93%/87% and 98%/74%, respectively.
Rapid eye movement sleep without atonia (RSWA) is an essential diagnostic feature of RBD on polysomnography (PSG), with either excessive sustained elevation of electromyogram (EMG) tone or excessive phasic EMG activity in the rapid eye movement (REM) stage.
Currently, overnight polysomnography (PSG) is the standard diagnostic procedure for OSAS.
Figure 1: The New Deal Components PSGs FOCUS TRUST Inclusive politics Fragility assessment Transparency of aid Security One vision, one plan Risk sharing Justice Compact Use and strengthen country systems Economic foundation Use of PSGs to monitor Strengthen capacity Revenue and services Support political Timely and dialogue predictable aid Source: Helder da Costa, "g7+ and the New Deal: Country-Led and Country-Owned Initiatives: A Perspective from Timor-Leste," Journal of Peacebuilding & Development 7, no.
Subclassification of partial seizures revealed Simple Partial Seizures (SPS) in 7.5% of the cases, Complex Partial Seizures (CPS) in 23% and Partial Secondarily Generalized Seizures (PSGS) in 25.5% of the cases.
In Table 2, we report the share of 11th-18th Party Congress (PC) alternate Central Committee (ACC) members who had ties with the various party chairmen/ party secretary generals (PSGs).
The PL and PSGs, along with their vehicle crews, use RVTT/ RVS HMMWVs.
literary works; pictorial, sculptural and graphic works (PSGs); motion