PSHAProbabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis
PSHAPlaystation Home Arcade (gaming)
PSHAPasadena Showcase House for the Arts (California; est. 1948)
PSHAProvost, Salter, Harper & Alford (Baton Rouge, LA)
PSHAProbablistic Seismic Hazards Assessment (geology; various locations)
PSHAPublic Service Health Act
PSHAPink Sugar Heart Attack
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"Psha! My dear creature," she replied, "do not think me such a simpleton as to be always wanting to confine him to my elbow.
"Psha, nonsense!" was Isabella's answer in the same half whisper.
Psha! they want to marry their daughters; and, as honest Mrs.
In certain limited circumstances, the PSHA deviated from HEDIS specifications.
The Chairman PSHA informed the minister that a conference will be held that will bring together major entrepreneurs, banks, universities and a huge number of IT companies that will set the agenda and direction towards E-commerce.
The method of PSHA was developed by McGuire [23] based on the probability concept developed by Cornell [4], which assumed the earthquake magnitude M and the hypocenter distance R as a continuous independent random variable.
In this study we will use the Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis (PSHA) to estimate the seismic hazard in and around Tushka New City site.
Perhaps it derives from two words in the extinct Illyrian language, "tre," meaning "three," and "psha," meaning "furnace"; in that case the word may signify "three ore-smelting furnaces." A more poetic theory is that the word derives from an ancient legend and refers to women preparing for a wedding.
In order to derive an intensity attenuation to be used in Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis (PSHA), a careful selection of the macroseismic data was carried out considering diverse criteria.