PSHOPseudo Schedule Order (NASA)
PSHOPrimary Subacute Haematogenous Osteomyelitis
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Conclusively, delayed diagnosis and treatment in healthy children as in the case presented may lead to a picture of PSHO and this may cause to diagnostic and therapeutic difficulties.
The CHO DG44 cell line (Invitrogen, USA) was initially co-transfected with pSLO (inserted LC in pOptiVEC[TM] TOPO[R] vector) and pSHC (inserted HC in pcDNA[TM] 3.3-TOPO[R] vector) constructs and then with pSLC (inserted LC in pcDNA[TM] 3.3-TOPO[R] vector) and pSHO (inserted HC in pOptiVEC[TM] TOPO[R] vector) constructs using Free-Style[TM] MAX reagent and OptiPRO[TM] SFM (Invitrogen, USA).
Best expression results were obtained from the co-transfection of pSLC and pSHO constructs into CHO DG44 cell line.