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PSIAPounds per Square Inch Absolute
PSIAProfessional Ski Instructors of America
PSIAParis School of International Affairs
PSIAPolitical Science and International Affairs (various schools)
PSIAProfit Sharing Investment Account (finance)
PSIAProgram for Science and International Affairs (various schools)
PSIAPounds per Square Inch Atmosphere
PSIAPublic Security Investigation Agency (Japan)
PSIAPoverty and Social Impact Analyses (International Monetary Fund)
PSIAPrivate Schools Interscholastic Association (Grapevine, TX)
PSIAPublic Safety Information Act
PSIAPosition Specific Isotope Analysis
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Input data Value TVD(ft) 9479.5 I(degree) 52 [] (degree) 244 [[sigma].sub.v] (psia) 9300 [[sigma].sub.h] (psia) 8670 [[sigma].sub.H] (psia) 9448 v 0.3 UCS (psia) 2450 [alpha] 1 [[sigma].sub.hz] (degree) 193 [[phi].sub.perf] degree) 90 TWC (psia) 4936 k (mD) 60 [[phi].sub.0] 0.3 [mu] (cP) 3 [r.sub.perf] = [] (ft) 0.0328 [l.sub.perf] (ft) 1.6405 E (psia) 979004
Distinctive banking account of Islamic banks: Treatment of Profit Sharing Investment Accounts (PSIAs).
* Additional composition limits include (1) a maximum total C4+ content (such as the sum of normal butane, iso-butane, and heavier hydrocarbons) of 1.5 mole percent (mol%) and (2) a maximum total inert gas content of 4 mol%, based on the HHV at a gas pressure of 14.73 psia and a temperature of 60[degrees]F (on a dry, real basis).
All natural gas volumes are reported at a pressure base of 14.73 pounds per square inch absolute (psia) and at 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
These open standards were created by two industry groups- Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) and the Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIA), in 2008.
The cryogenic liquid reactants (oxygen and hydrogen) are stored in separate dewars and are then vaporized using the electrical power produced by the fuel cell to maintain each tank pressure at approximately 50 psia. Now gaseous, the reactants are further heated to 50 to 60 C using waste heat within the fuel cell and then humidified using water produced within the stack.
This explains why an Islamic bank gives its Islamic depositors more money and why it gave more money (last year we paid more, the year before we paid more, and so on and so forth)C* in my opinion, the PSIA holders are in a better position than depositors as they are entitled to a higher return but in practice share the same risk as depositors i.e.
Videotec joined PSIA in 2009 and since then has actively worked to gain a thorough knowledge of the protocol.
The 300 Series Transducer is available in pressure ranges from 0 to 15 psig, and 0 to 10,000 psig, as well as standard absolute ranges from 15 to 200 psia.
Fyffe was jailed for 18 months after admitting charges of fraudulent trading and breaches of the PSIA.
JERRY WARREN, director of Sundance Resort's Mountain Operations, was presented the National Lifetime Achievement Award at the PSIA National Academy at Snowbird Resort.
To view the SkiTour calendar of events, visit; to view the PSIA calendar, go to / programs-winter-PSIA.html.