PSICPublic Safety Interoperable Communications
PSICPassive Solar Industries Council
PSICPacific Specialty Insurance Company
PSICPatient Safety Improvement Corps (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and US VA)
PSICPipelined Successive Interference Cancellation
PSICProvisioning System Identifier Code
PSICProduct Support Integration Council (US Air Force)
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He added the PSIC had to perform a proactive role in transfer of the plot after death of the owner and in this regard all legal requirements would have to be checked very carefully.
Now at 192 members, PSIC expects to exceed 200 members in 2018.
This event is being organised with the collaboration of Entrepreneurs, SMEs PSIC, SMEDA, AAhan, NPO, Traders, Manufacturers, Corporate Sector, Service Sector and Brands.
We have already decided that the next conference Pakistan Live 2018 will be organized in Islamabad by the PSIC and not by any particular institution.
MCSI received PSIC grant funding to further enhance its interoperable communications system.
A partir de los riesgos identificados en cada procedimiento se definieron las medidas de mitigacion necesarias para prevenirlos, que tambien fueron tomadas de las PSIC.
This paper presents methods and findings of an evaluation of the PSIC undertaken within the larger evaluation of AHRQ's patient safety initiative.
The PSIC was created to serve as a transfer agent to capture lessons learned from the integration project and inform other county agencies of best (or worst) practices.
In July, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and Commerce Secretary Carolos Gutierrez announced the PSIC grants to help state and local first responders improve public safety communications coordination during a natural or man-made disaster.
Como puede observarse, la IJCHP publica una proporcionalmente alta cantidad de articulos por ano, mientras que la REV MEX PSIC es la que presenta una menor cantidad de articulos, asociado con la publicacion de solo 2 numeros por volumen.
Presence of vending centers of PSIC improved the quality of many parts and processes in these products that were early made manually and lacked finish.
Let me explain this point by referring to the PSIC (Punjab) Rural Industrialisation Programme funded by Dutch Government.