PSICPProgram Support Inventory Control Point
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NAVSUP WSS's PSICP role ideally begins in tandem with the research and development (R&D) phase of a weapon system's lifecycle.
Lynn Kohl, vice commander, NAVSUP WSS, the leading role of NAVSUP WSS as the PSICP during this period is in "designing the support" rather than "supporting the design." The PSICP function of provisioning supports the future materiel requirements of all supply support inventory control points (SSICPs).
To illustrate why NAVSUP WSS ensures synergy in the supply chain and effectively functions as the PSICP, Kohl discussed one of many obstacles NAVSUP WSS helps mitigate during the lifecycle of a weapon platform.
By focusing on a weapon system management orientation, the PSICP is able to maximize readiness for the weapon system while minimizing support costs.
For the PSICP functions to run effectively, the resource sponsors, hardware systems commands, and type commanders-as well as productive alliances with myriad manufacturers, engineering and industrial activities-must be fully integrated and work with other supply chain functions.
By hosting the LCS PEO USC Summit, and other events like it, NAVSUP WSS planners can identify challenges earlier, forecast program support demands, and execute critical functions as the Navy's PSICP.