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PSINETPerformance Systems International
PSINETPerformance Systems International, Inc.
PSINETPerformance Systems International, Inc
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When the Internet stock bubble burst in 2000, PSINet'S share price fell by more than 85%, while the stock of many of the company's customers also plummeted, further eroding Schrader's financial position.
In its analysis, the Ontario court held that the bank would not be "prejudiced or otherwise disadvantaged by the arrangements proposed by the PSINet companies.
PSINet, which was one of the large IBPs, used a peering standard called "open peering policy," that was different from the top tier IBPs.
PSINet Europe - one of the largest pan-European independent providers of managed e-business infrastructure has been signed up to ensure that communications, including broadband, fibre optics and satellite connectivity are second to none.
Worldwide Computer Products News-14 January 2004-New data replication service launched by PSINet Europe(C)1995-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Both AT&T and PSINet have been caught holding pink contracts with spammers - scores of other, mostly US-based ISPs are suspected to have cut such deals.
PSINet Europe, a leading provider of corporate IP-based communication services, recently conducted a little experiment: To prove the importance of network security, it set up an anonymous "dummy server" containing no data and no public profile.
PSINet Europe has struck a new partnership with Oracle - the world's largest enterprise software company - to further strengthen its position in Europe.
Since January 2001, at least fourteen telecom providers have filed for bankruptcy, including Global Crossing, PSINet, KPNQwest, and most recently WorldCom.
This list includes ancient darlings like Exodus, Winstar, PSInet and 360 networks.
The telecom industry continues to shake out with Chapter 11 a commonplace refuge to escape immediate payment of vendors' claims as seen by such companies as PSINet, Rhythms NetConnections, Teligent, 360networks, Viatel and Winsrar Communications.
Receiver Plaxico Burress had a big game in Pittsburgh's 26-21 success at the PSINet Stadium, when the visitors' margin of