PSIRUPublic Services International Research Unit
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There is also a growing body of evidence of low-income households suffering considerable hardship in paying energy bills, increasing arrears on utility bills, and self-disconnection to manage energy costs (Gibbons and Singler 2008; EEPE Project 2009a; OFGEM 2008; PSIRU 2008; World Bank 1999).
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Creado mediante un convenio entre la Federacion de Servicios y Administraciones Publicas de CC.OO., la Public Services International Research Unit (PSIRU) de la Universidad de Greenwich y la Escuela de Relaciones Laborales.
Table 1 Proportion of Water and Sanitation Services Privatised 1997 and 2010 projected Region % privatised % privatised Value of 1997 2010 privatised market (US$, billions) Western Europe 20 35 10 Central and East Europe 4 20 4 North America 5 15 9 Latin America 4 60 9 Africa 3 33 3 Asia 1 20 10 Source: (5 September 2002) Table 2 The Global Water Mandarins--2003 Company Water Sales ($million) Ondeo (Suez) 10088 Vivendi Water 13640 Thames (RWE) 2746 SAUR 2494 Anglian 936 Cascal 181 International Water 100 Source: (PSIRU, 2003)
For an international public sector union perspective, see the very comprehensive PSIRU Web site