PSJAPharr San Juan Alamo (Texas)
PSJAPseudosasa Japonica (arrow bamboo)
PSJAPlasma Synthetic Jet Actuator
PSJAPacific SouthWest Judo Association
PSJAPittsburgh Society of Jungian Analysts (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
PSJAPeshawar Sports Journalists Association (Pakistan)
PSJAProgressive Show Jumping Association
PSJAPseudotsuga Japonica (Shirasawa)
PSJAPune Sports Journalists Association (India)
PSJAPunjab Sikh Journalist Association (India)
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PSJA ISD Deputy Superintendent of Schools, "I would like to thank LenSec for their continued support of our fundraising endeavors that promote PSJA students.
LenSec is delighted to lend a hand to PSJA students and help them achieve their full potential," states Keith Drummond, LenSec Chief Executive Officer.
PSJA recently installed a video surveillance system with over 110 video cameras in the three high school campuses and in the transportation department.
For example, if purse was stolen in the cafeteria during lunch an administrator would draw a box around the area where the purse was last seen, click the search button, and find the last person who was in the area, all in a matter of seconds," states Principal Rene Ramirez of PSJA High School.