PSNDPublic Sector Net Debt
PSNDPuget Sound
PSNDPeanut Stem Necrosis Disease
PSNDProjet des Services des Naissances Desirables (French)
PSNDPosition Sensitive Neutron Detector
PSNDPreschool Nature Discovery
PSNDPigment Specific Normalized Difference
PSNDPost-Streptococcal Neurological Disorders
PSNDProgressing Stroke with Neurological Deterioration
PSNDPressurized Shallow - Narrow Rainfield
PSNDPercentage of Similar Neighbours
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He added: "For Mr Mahmood, while there is some cash that can be used and some from a sale of a property, it does leave him a balance to PSnd from either borrowing or the sale of another property."
For most working people who PSnd themselves in a dispute with their employer, the trade union representative is the only person on their side.
| And you don't need to be a bad employee or a troublemaker to PSnd that you need help.
If you love the challenge of gardening in miniature or would like to PSnd out more, there will be an expert on hand to demonstrate the best techniques tomorrow.
Rovers want to beat over overs want to beat s beatWO WOLVES LV L to to the signature of the Wales stto t the t signature of the Wales star, r, r, r, r, r, r, r, r, r, r, r, r, r, r, r, w o could be sold for arouwh w o could be sold for around PSnd nd PS500,000.
Vintage in the Vale HUNT out a unique vintage PSnd at the Summer Bazaar Vintage in the Vale event on Saturday.
Public sector net debt, excluding temporary effects of financial interventions (PSND ex), was said to be equivalent to 76.1% of gross domestic product (GDP) and was recorded as GBP1,284.5bn at the end of May 2014.
The impact on PSND derives from the difference between the liability to the private sector that the APF created, namely the central bank reserves which fund the loan, and the liability it removed from the private sector's possession, the nominal value of the gilts it holds.
Because of this, the debt stock, PSND, increases more slowly than it otherwise would, even though PSNB is unchanged.
These are variants of the longer-lived PSND and PSNB series, which exclude certain elements.
In 2011-12 the WGA show public sector net liabilities of 1,347 billion [pounds sterling] compared to the narrow public sector net debt (PSND) measure of 1,106 billion [pounds sterling] and gross debt or the Maastricht measure of 1,325 billion [pounds sterling].