PSOEPartido Socialista Obrero Español (Spanish Socialist Workers Party)
PSOEParti Socialiste Ouvrier Espagnol (French: Spanish Socialist Workers Party)
PSOEPotential Security of Employment (lecture position; California)
PSOEPhilosophical Society of England (UK)
PSOEPossible Sources of Error
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The poll , carried out by Metroscopia for Spanish daily El PaE[degrees]s, revealed that Spain's newer political parties, Podemos and Ciudadanos, are now practically neck and neck with Spain's traditional big two parties, the ruling Popular Party (PP) and the Socialist party (PSOE).
Would a German-style grand coalition of PP and PSOE be strong enough to govern in the face of a citizenry demanding profound reforms?
La tendencia es diferente si se analiza el perfil de los candidatos, especialmente en el caso de Mariano Rajoy (PP) y Pedro Sanchez (PSOE), que acaparan casi la totalidad de las imagenes que difunden en sus cuentas.
However, although PSOE leader, Pedro Sanchez, Citizens leader Albert Rivera and Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias are all taking part in the debate, Rajoy will not appear in the studio and will be replaced by Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria.
Yet the rise of Unidos Podemos ("Together We Can"), a far-left alliance led by Podemos, could in theory offer a way out. The 90 seats it is expected to win, combined with around 80 for the Socialist Party (PSOE), would come close to an overall majority.