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PSP2Playstation Portable 2 (Sony)
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De esta manera, las PSP2 requeririan que el sujeto optara por la via de acceso fonologico para descartar si se trata de una pseudopalabra, mientras que dada la similitud entre las PSP1 y las P, se optaria por la via de acceso lexico, que tendria que ser inhibida una vez que se detectara el error fonologico.
Figure 4 shows the failure times measured using the PENT and CDNT test as function of the probability of tie molecules formation, evaluated using the PSP2 parameter.
That is, we generate three groups: one with the programs developed using PSP0 and PSP0.1, another one with PSP1 and PSP1.1, and the last one with PSP2 and PSP2.1.
When asked if Nintendo feared the rumored arrival of the PSP2 this year, Yarnton said, "There's always stuff happening in the marketplace but I think we've got our hands pretty full with the product we've got which has so much there to offer,.
Like Sony's imminent PSP2, the Xperia Play will enter into a mobile market already saturated with gaming offerings from Nintendo, Apple and Sony.
While Tegra 2 is famous for being a technology with great potential, no one has really adopted it (and many, including Sony for the PSP2 and Notion Ink for the Adam, have done away with it), though LG did publicly announce its intention to use Tegra 2 on many of its upcoming Optimus smartphones.
This, together with the Next Generation Portable (NGP) or PSP2, ensures that Sony has held its mobile gaming future firmly by the reins.
27 -- Sony announced the PSP2 early this morning in Japan, and called it a "Next Generation Portable" device.
25 -- Is that the Sony PSP2 reportedly set to be unveiled in two days?
The Nikkei reports says the new processor for the PSP2 will be a version of the Cell chip found in the PlayStation 3, scaled for a portable device.