PSPEPennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers
PSPEPurdue Society of Professional Engineers
PSPEPlayStation Portable Emulator
PSPEPersonnel Sensing Protective Equipment
PSPEPeriodic Structure Photo-Excitation
PSPEPressure Sensitive Protective Equipment (security industry)
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It also included: teachers that were a part of the PSPE in schools and nurses that were a part of the PSPE in the ESF.
The results in terms of the four dimensions and the ten indicators of the model are presented here in a schematic form (Graphic 1) which allows for a visualization of the current situation for inter-professional collaboration in the PSPE in a continuum from 1 to 3 depending on the levels of collaboration presented below:
In terms of the Shared Objectives dimension and vision from the objective indicator, those that worked in the PSPE had partial success in the activities that they undertook having worked together to meet common goals which led them to achieve level 2 for inter-professional collaboration.
The developed activities were related to the terms of the PSPE and involved: drugs, sexuality, teenage pregnancy, violence, gender diversity and the family.
My main role is to plan and execute actions with the others that work in the PSPE in spite of the difficulties that we found in realizing the project's goals.
The teachers design annual plans at the beginning of the school term ensuring that PSPE issues are placed on the agenda.
In the education team we see teachers that have dedicated themselves to specific thematic questions in the PSPE without harming the school syllabus while there are others that aren't interested in the project issues but just want to use it to further their career prospects.
In the context of the PSPE their activities should be carried out in accordance with the needs of the teenagers.
El capitulo 4 se acerca a las experiencias de forma pionera en nuestro pais a las experiencias de los Padres Solteros por Eleccion (PSPE), analizando la vivencia y el proceso de los varones que emprenden un proyecto de familia en solitario a traves de adopcion o acogimiento familiar, quienes se ven obligados a redoblar sus esfuerzos para presentarse como "candidatos idoneos" para ejercer una paternidad responsable para contrarrestar las representaciones sociales que tienden a considerarlos en terminos de su (tradicional) alejamiento de la esfera domestica y de las tareas de cuidado y crianza.
El proyecto se centro en comprender la diversidad de elementos que desempenan un papel en la construccion de las familias monoparentales por eleccion encabezados por MSPE (y en menor medida, PSPE).
Under the MOAs, Tesda will set aside P8.130 million from the TWSP for the MDC which will handle construction training; P5.450 million for the PSPE to handle plumbing courses, and P3.9 million for the PSVARE, which will train scholars in air-conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration.
"We finally got awarded what they call in Indonesia the PSPE rights...