PSPFPublic Service Pensions Fund (various nations)
PSPFPalm Springs Preservation Foundation (Palm Springs, CA)
PSPFPublicly Secure Packet Forwarding
PSPFPeople in Stock Photos for Franken (politics)
PSPFPublic Schools Principals Forum (Australia)
PSPFPublic Service Provident Fund (Department of Pensions; Sri Lanka)
PSPFProstacyclin Stimulating Plasma Factor
PSPFProtein Sample Production Facility
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The training will be subject to purchase orders issued by one of three RTCs beneficiaries of this framework agreement (PSPF Tours, Rennes and Lyon) as and measuring the occurrence of their needs.
Contract Awarded for amalgamated tribunals - pspf consulting services
THE Public Service Pensions Fund (PSPF) assets have seen a rise of 16.7 percent from the last year and reached E16 billion.
It was also said that the PSPF had 36 771 active members and 6 704 pensioners, while dependent recipients which includes kids and spouses of these members were 15 547.
Addressing the third meeting of stakeholders in Dar es Salm on Wednesday, PSPF Director General Mr Adam Mayingu, has announced that assets for the Public Service Pensions Fund (PSPF) have increased to 1.25trillion/- in 2013, from 1.09trillion/- a year ago, enabling the Fund to provide returns in the future.