PSPOPolice Security and Protection Office (Philippines)
PSPOPeak Speed Performance Output
PSPOPancyprian Student Programming Olympiad (Cyprus)
PSPOProspero Minerals Corporation (stock symbol)
PSPOPower Systems Planning and Operation (conference)
PSPOPublic Security Peace Officer (Alberta, Canada)
PSPOProfessional Scrum Product Owner
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During the consultation, more than 95% of residents said they felt that behaviours addressed by the PSPO "negatively affect their quality of life" and 77% completely supported the PSPOs.
A failure to pay the FPN may lead to prosecution and a potential maximum fine of [pounds sterling]1,000, as would more serious breaches of the PSPO.
Fixed penalty notices of PS100 can be issued by police and authorised officers but the maximum fine for breaching a PSPO after conviction is PS1000 with the possibility of the offender being made subject to a criminal behaviour order.
Penalties: If you ignore a PSPO, you can be fined PS100 on the spot (a fixed penalty notice), up to PS1,000 if it goes to court.
The ones who don't want to engage with us are using begging as a source of income and the PSPO will allow us to deal with that.
A report about the PSPO proposals, due to go before Rochdale's cabinet next week, said: "GMP supported the PSPO but advised to drop the swearing ban given the issues with enforcement and that there is already legislation in place to deal with people using foul and abusive language in a manner that causes or is likely to cause harassment alarm or distress.
Rachel Jackson, communities manager at the Town Hall, explained: "A PSPO aims to address activities carried out within a public open space which are considered likely to have a detrimental effect upon the quality of life for the local community.
If approved, the PSPO would apply for three years but will be reviewed after one year.
Glasses and cans left at Slaithwaite station by Ale Trail revellers and, below, Clr Donna Bellamy humours one of the crowd as he 'greets' her PSPOs and a message will be sent out to potential troublemakers.
Zehra Fadoo informed Governor Sindh that PSPO was engaged in creating awareness about the precaution, cure and treatment of cancer.