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PSPPPublic Service Pension Plan (Canada)
PSPPPartner Support Program Plus
PSPPPublic Safety Partnership Project
PSPPPublic/Social/Private Partnership
PSPPProposed System Package Plan
PSPPPhiladelphia Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology (American Psychological Association; Pennsylvania)
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The size of PSPP holdings varies across countries, from around 4% of Cypriot government debt securities, as Cyprus only participated in the programme for a few months, to 18% of Italian securities, 22% of Portuguese securities, 25% of Spanish securities, and 32% of German government outstanding debt securities, below the issuer limit of 33%, DBRS said.
As a rule, therefore, redemptions will be reinvested in the jurisdiction in which principal repayments are made, but the portfolio allocation across jurisdictions will continue to be adjusted with a view to bringing the share of the PSPP portfolio into closer alignment with the respective national central banks' subscription to the ECB capital key.
The purpose of this study was 1) to assess the feasibility of the PSPP, with a focus on recruitment and retention rates, adherence to the education program, and questionnaire completion rates, and 2) to examine preliminary impact of the PSPP on stroke knowledge, and healthy eating and physical activity behaviors in KAs in 2 senior centers.
They included purchases of private sector securities, under the ABSPP and CBPP3 which started in June and September 2014 and the CSPP which started in June 2016, and purchases of public sector securities under the PSPP launched in January 2015.
"At the same time, the use of Cypriot government securities in the Eurosystem's credit operations and their inclusion in the PSPP is expected to help contain the Republic of Cyprus' borrowing cost and expand the banking system's capacity to tap liquidity at low rates via the Eurosystem's credit operations".
The construction of Dniester PSPP started in 1983, and today 3 of 7 generators are operational what the first stage of construction is.
(114) In July 2017 it then initiated a second preliminary ruling regarding the ECB's general bond purchase program (PSPP).
It is necessary to reveal the relationship between the microstructure of the precursor solid phase pellet (PSPP) and the microstructure of the single-domain GdBCO samples.
Not in two consecutive steps some authors mention how the SQS catalyzes the fusion of two FPP molecules to pre-SQ diphosphate (PSPP) and then the arrangement of PSPP with NADPH to form the SQ [32].
For the Euro Area we find that the risk-free component of nominal government bond yields declined from already low levels when the ECB announced its Public Sector Purchase Programme (PSPP), i.e.