PSPRSPublic Safety Personnel Retirement System (Arizona)
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For this year about 18.5 percent ($1,435,426) of Bisbee's general fund budget of $7.7 million goes to PSPRS payments.
Protect PSPRS by allowing it to wither away but paid for by a dedicated funding source.
All current public employees now paying into PSPRS would be shifted into ASRS.
Meanwhile the PSPRS would be allowed to gradually expire, reducing the overhead needed to manage the fund.
They describe the fiscal 2019 budget as a maintenance of effort budget, noting increasing PSPRS contributions as one area of spending pressure.
Recent PSPRS reforms give fewer benefits to newly hired public safety personnel, eliminate the automatic cost of living adjustments for current and retired employees, and reduce the investment rate of return.
The agent plans are the Public Safety Personnel System (PSPRS) for police and fire.
The city's five-year budget incorporates reserve applications for capital projects and accelerated pay down of its PSPRS unfunded pension liability but maintains reserves in excess of its four months of revenue target, commensurate with a 'aaa' financial resilience assessment.
From the smoke release rate curve, the peak smoke production rate (PSPR) of RPUF was 0.4509 [m.sup.2]/s.
Sample TTI PHRR PSPR AMLR (g/s) (kW/[m.sup.2]) ([m.sup.2]/s) 1# 7 361.07 0.4498 0.0672 2# 5 274.75 0.1975 0.0519 3# 5 244.23 0.1813 0.0454 4# 4 244.58 0.2137 0.0487 5# 4 221.59 0.2235 0.0446 TTI: time to ignition; PHRR: peak release rate; PSPR: peak smoke release rate; AMLR: average mass loss rate.