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Ademas, todas ellas, salvo la noticia de la jornada electoral (que puede considerarse compartida con el PSPV, y que es la unica que ocupa las tres columnas de informacion en portada), se corresponden con informaciones relativas al Partido Popular.
En cuanto a los demas dias, tanto el 20 como el 21 de mayo la informacion esta relacionada con el principal mitin de campana del PP en la plaza de toros (observese que el mismo acontecimiento, protagonizado por el PSPV, unos dias antes no merecio ningun espacio destacado en portada).
Fuente: Elaboracion propia Las PSPV PPCV EUPV COMPROMIS CIUDADANOS PODEMOS Provincias TOTAL: 90 14 38 4 12 13 9 15,5% 42,2% 4,4% 13,3% 14,4% 10%
Abbreviations ABS absolutive ADVLZR adverbializer APP applicative ART article BLC Basic Locative Construction BLF Basic Locative Function CONJ conjunction COP copula DET determiner DETR detransitive DIM diminutive EMPH emphatic EQU equative F feminine FOC focus HAB habitual INESS inessive LOC locative MED medial N neuter NEG negative NF nonfuture NMZR nominalizer ORIENT orientativePERF PERF perfect PL plural PN pronoun PP postposition PRES present PROG progressive PRSUP presuppositional marker PSPV Picture Series for Positional Verbs (Ameka et al.
They turned up frequently in the data elicited with the PSPV tool and the video clips from the "Caused Positions" task, where for instance a pot is "pinched" between two branches (example [37] and Figure 5), or a bottle "buries" in the ground (example [38] and Figure 6):
In the description of many of the PSPV pictures the morphological causative is used to express a state that is interpreted as having been brought about by some absent and therefore backgrounded agent.
For example, it accounts for roughly 10% of the spontaneous responses to the PSPV tool.
Thus, 7 out of 8 speakers used stehen for the configuration depicted in PSPV 12 (a vase-shaped clay pot upside down on a tree trunk), i.
In our data, however, PRV-svarun 'it is aligned or stacked' was not used to describe the configurations given in the stimuli PSPV 42, 47, 53, showing cassavas being placed in a row in various places, although the configuration may be denoted by using PRV-svarun.
In case of the stimulus PSPV 12, a vase-like clay pot standing upside down on a tree stump, three out of four speakers used PRV-zun 'it lies', and only one used PRV-dgun 'it stands'.
For instance, the verb is used with respect to PSPV 28 where three bottles are fixed in the ground with two upside down.
In fact speakers rejected the verb labe 'lie' for inanimate Figures that are clearly in an elongated horizontal position, that is, entities that are clearly "lying" on a surface such as 'pen on desk' (TRPS 59), one or more tubers of cassava lying on tree stump (PSPV 23, PSPV 43), one 'bottle lying on a rock' (PSPV 26) or on a table (PSPV 37) or several bottles (7) all lying on a table (PSPV 52), a stick lying across a table (PSPV 17) or across a basket (PSPV 43).