PSQAPseudo Subjective Quality Assessment
PSQAPseudo-Subjective Quality Assessment
PSQAPrivate Schools and Quality Assurance (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)
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The PSQA Sector also mapped out some student demographics among the schools.
The inaugural session which was followed by a session on Government's role to promote Pakistan's Halal products exports, addressed by representatives of government organizations like PSQA, PCSIR PNAC.
On the other hand, according to [15], by using PSQA model, the values of QoS parameters (bandwidth, packet loss, delay and jitter) can be interpreted to MOS, and vice versa.
The investors appreciated the transparency provided by Adek's PSQA sector.
Those schools however are requested to provide support for low performing schools as an indicator of PSQA's trust and confidence in their overall performance.
"As part of Adec's trust in private schools and in efforts to support those schools, ample time has been granted to improve their overall performance standards," stressed Hamad Al Dhaheri, PSQA executive director.
According to Hamad Al Daheri, Adec's PSQA executive director, schools have begun to make "informed and strategic choices" while refraining from exerting additional pressure on teachers and other key employees as the overall standard of the school was raised.
In a statement, ADEC noted that the Private Schools and Quality Assurance (PSQA) sector had been in discussions with the school about necessary maintenance, and also asked the school to improve its overall performance.
Hamad Al Daheri, Executive Director for Adec;s Private Schools and Quality Assurance Sector, said, "The PSQA team has been flexible with investors regarding the allocation of school plots and licensing and accreditation mandates, which has in turn increased the number of investments for private schools."
"It is crucial to establish effective governance in private schools to ensure that strategic decisions affecting the school are made collectively at the Board of Trustees level, in consultation with various stakeholders and in line with best practices," said Hamad Al Dhaheri, executive director of the Adec's Private Schools and Quality Assurance (PSQA) sector.
It is compulsory for all native and non-native Arabic speaking pupils up to grade 10 only, Adec's Private Schools and Quality Assurance (PSQA) Sector said in a statement issued to Gulf News.
Hamad Al Dhaheri, executive director of Private Schools and Quality Assurance (PSQA), stressed the importance placed by the Adec on enhancing the national identity in students.